About The Capital Singers

Baobab Capital Singers is a community based initiative that provides an opportunity for every person who loves to sing to be part of something bigger by coming together for one weekend to do what they love. This is something you can do for yourself to enrich your life and to experience the joy of singing again in this mass choir project!


What you need to know as a participant

What are the requirements to be a capital singer?

Rule #1: You may ONLY enroll if you want to have the best time of your life.

There are only 3 real requirements for enrolment:

  • the person enrolling has to be 14 years (high school) or older
  • the person enrolling has sung in any choir for 1 year
  • the person enrolling MUST attend all rehearsals and concerts of the specific event dates. (see the provisional schedule below)

What is the date and venue of the event?

The production will be from 9-13 December 2018, with concerts on 12 & 13 December 2018.

Capital Singers is proud to announce that we have a new home! The magnificent SUN ARENA TIME SQUARE.

When do I receive the music?

You will ONLY receive your sheet music and mp3 tracks approx. 6–8 weeks before the event date via the email address you provide at the time of enrolment.

When and where do I learn the music?

As a participant you learn the music of your particular voice group within the comfort of your own home. We specifically see to it that the rehearsal tracks for the singers are clear, easy to follow and well detailed. This makes it easy for all singer to learn the music and come prepared to the event.

What does the capital singers schedule look like for: “CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR”?

Provisional schedule:

Date Time Activity
Sunday 9 December TBC Run-through 1 for choir, band and soloist at the Sun Arena
Monday 10 December 18:00–21:30 Run-through 2 for choir, band and soloist at the Sun Arena
Tuesday 11 December 18:00–21:30 Full dress rehearsal at the Sun Arena
Wednesday 12 December 19:00 Show 1
Thursday 13 December 19:00 Show 2

Who determines the repertoire for Capital Singers?

The repertoire for this project is carefully chosen by Christo Burger® and Michael Barrett, in collaboration with our musical director genius, Janine Neethling. The music is then arranged and orchestrated according to the musical requirements for the musicians and the choir, thus creating an enjoyable masterpiece for both audience and singers.

The registration fee

  • a NON-REFUNDABLE & NON TRANSFERABLE registration fee of R460pp is payable for participation.

The registration fee includes:

  • Venue costs
  • Musician costs
  • Musical arrangements
  • Musical guide tracks
  • MP3's and sheet music (pdf)
  • Access wirstband/lanyard
  • Tixsa enrolment platform fees
  • Add-ons as per requirements for the show

The registration fee does not include:

  • Singers’ travel and accommodation expenses
  • Complimentary tickets
  • Concert tickets
  • Parking fees
  • Meals for singers


The Capital Singers

The Capital Singers

The Capital Singers - Janine Neethling - Musical Director

Janine Neethling
Musical Director

The Capital Singers - Christo Burger - Producer/Conductor

Christo Burger

The Capital Singers - Michael Barrett - Producer/Conductor

Michael Barrett

The Capital Singers - Ian von Memerty - Director

Ian von Memerty

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